South Main Street

A squarish wooden arch holds a sign:

Welcome to Trinidad

South Main Street is pretty much the main entrance and exit of Trinidad. Looking farther south yields little other than a panoramic view the farms just in front of the dusty Waste. North, Main street rolls out before you. You can see vendors and buildings that line the street as far as you can see (which isn’t very far).

To the right of the arch a woman stands behind a small shaded vendor’s stand. A sign in front of it reads 1/2 off today!.

On the west side of South Main Street, facing due east, is the 52nd Evangelical Church of Heaven’s Alliance, says a rather official sign. Two soldierly looking fellows on a scaffold are removing a sign:

Sunrise Chapel

Steps lead up to steel-reinforced doors adorned with a giant cross. On either side of the steps stands a guard wearing metal-spiked armor, silly-looking silver boots, and jeans. Both guards wield scary looking rifles and have messy long hair. The one on the left has a tattoo of a cross on his face, and the other has a tattoo of some familiar looking bearded guy on his right bicep, and another familiar looking woman on his left bicep. They both wear giant gold crosses around their necks. The face tat guy has a long silver-chain earring.

Go north to Main Street.

Go south to Brahman Bill Road.

Enter the Church of Heaven’s Alliance.

South Main Street

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