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Food and Wages

I assume that some x% of your pool of money goes to food and board. X depends on where you are staying at the time and special (like storyline) factors. X% is automatically deducted so that you wont starve.


Some colored text is just for emphasis , but keep note of the following colors:

Purple – People you can talk to.


All in-game interaction (talking to NPCs, rolling dice, etc.) are done via the forum at __.

Where to start?

Start with Prologue (once we actually start, for now just wander around town).

If you are stuck

Try talking to an NPC before you ask an out of character (OOC) question.

Updates and History

News and updates will be in the OOC thread in our forum on P&PGames. History will be periodically added to the Adventure Log on this site.

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